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The Short Version:

USA Legal is a Utah Company that creates tools to help our visitors understand the legal process, and connect with the expert local attorneys. We are not a law firm, and cannot offer legal advice or opinions. However, we can connect you to a licensed attorney who can.

When we collect personally identifying information, we do so only when you voluntarily send it to us. By requesting a free legal case review, you consent to share your contact information with a qualified attorney in your area. We will not add you to any mailing list, email list, or marketing system without your permission. Your information will be shared with one attorney, and no other entity. If we follow up with you using the information you provide, it will be for the sole purpose of determining whether you are satisfied with the services you received, and invite you share your experience for the benefit of the community (i.e.: submit an attorney review).

The Full Version:

The USA Legal web site and network is intended to provide information- not advice- about DUI law, its contributing attorneys, and new legal developments.  We are not a law firm, and cannot provide legal advice or opinions. Visitors to this web site should not act upon this information without consulting directly with legal counsel. Transmission and receipt of the materials provided by USA Legal’s web site are not confidential communications. They are not intended to – and do not – create an attorney-client relationship. Please be further advised that the act of sending e-mail to an attorney on our web site will not create an attorney-client relationship. If you are not currently a client of the attorney or firm with whom you are communicating, your information will not be privileged and may be disclosed to other persons.

USA Legal develops user-friendly tools to help criminal defendants understand the legal process, and connect with experienced local attorneys. However, USA Legal does not wish to provide services to anyone desiring services based upon viewing this web site in a state where this web site fails to comply with all of the laws, regulations and ethical rules of that state. This web site and those within our network are meant to be informational only, to help inform not only our current and future clients, but to cultivate knowledge of the law in the public in general.

The information provided on the USA DUI Legal web site and its network is meant to provide information about common legal issues, such as DUI. While we strive to provide the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date information about the law, we cannot, and do not, guarantee it as such. The information on this site may not reflect current legal developments or recent court decisions. No content on this site should be relied upon or construed as legal advice.

No Priviledge

The sending or receipt of information on our web sites does NOT create an attorney-client relationship between us (we are not a law firm), or between the user and any attorney. Communications to or from USA Legal, its affiliates, or any attorneys or law firms appearing via this web site do NOT create an attorney-client relationship. We cannot stress this enough – Please do NOT send us – or any law firm or attorney on this site – confidential information without first speaking with an attorney in person or by telephone and obtaining authorization to do so.

Each legal matter is factually unique. For specific, comprehensive and up-to-date information, or for help with particular actual situations, you are advised to seek the opinion of legal counsel licensed to practice in your country, state, or territory. If you need to find a good attorney, we know of a few… just contact us.

USA Legal specifically disclaims any responsibility for information, facts, assertions, etc. on pages stored at and/or displayed from this site, and on web pages which are linked to or from any page at this site. Our information is offered in order to provide our visitors with a general understanding of the legal process, and must not be relied upon as legal advice.

By using this site, you agree to this Privacy Policy of USA Legal, and bind yourself to it now and in the future.

Use of Personal Information

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about visitors to our site. Personally identifiable information about visitors to our site is collected only when you knowingly and voluntarily submit it, or fail to block it (such as your IP address).

We may, and sometimes do, collect certain non-personal information. Such non-personal data may include the identity of your Internet browser, the type of operating system you use, your Internet Protocol (IP) Address, and the web site address of the referring document you followed to get here.

We may use such non-personal information for internal purposes, including but not limited to providing an ever-improving user experience tailored to the web browsing habits of our visitors, developing new content, collecting market research data, and benchmarking/tracking our internet traffic statistics.

In those instances when we do collect personally identifiable information, the following policies apply:

We will state when we are collecting personally identifiable information about you by prompting you to provide it, and referring explicitly to this policy. Personally identifiable information that you provide can and may be used by us for other purposes. Such other uses and purposes will normally include, but may not be limited to, forwarding your contact information to a contributing attorney or law firm for a case review; or, in the instance of our attorney members, including you in our exclusive offers and/or event invitations.

When you visit the public areas of our web site, you remain anonymous. To the extent you use e-mail links and/or forms via the web site to communicate with USA Legal, (affiliates or attorney contributors) and provide us with personally identifiable information, however, you will not remain anonymous. Because it is not possible to anticipate every conceivable context in which such information might be provided to us, we can provide you no assurance that personally identifiable information you choose to provide to us will be maintained as private in all circumstances. However, under most foreseeable circumstances, the information you provide will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

USA Legal isn’t responsible for the privacy policies or practices (or lack thereof) of linked entities, partner or contributor web sites, other attorneys (including other attorneys who are also linked entities), etc.

The USA Legal web site and network maintains industry standard safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personally identifiable and financial information submitted to our site. Financial data and records are not stored within this site, our network, or any physical offices of USA Legal, and are only available to our  personnel for the purposes of payment processing- most of which is automated.

Use of Cookies

To the extent we use cookies, we use them to track your activities on this site. For instance, we will use cookies to remember what information you entered into a form on this site, enabling you to navigate between forms without losing the data you have previously entered. We may also use cookies to store and access your user preferences and/or profile. If you prefer not to receive these cookies, you can disable their use in the settings for your web browser. Please refer to the documentation for your browser for instructions on disabling and/or deleting web site cookies. Note that by disabling cookies, some aspects of your user experience on our web site(s) may be compromised.

USA Legal has established links from our site directly to sites operated by third parties, law firms, attorneys and government resources. We’re not responsible for the content or practices of those linked web sites, or web sites operated by others that have linked to us. If you decide to visit another site via a link from our site you should read their privacy policy to determine their practices.

USA Legal reviews this disclosure privacy policy on a regular basis, and reserves the right, at our sole discretion and without prior notice to you; to add, modify, or remove any portions of this Policy at any time.

If you want to write us about this Policy, please send mail to:

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