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Utah DUI Penalty Finder

Simply answer a few general questions about your arrest, and see exactly what the potential criminal and administrative penalty could be. Our Interactive DUI Penalty Finder will tell you what possible license suspension, Interock restrictions, fines, imprisonment/jail time, and probation you will be facing as a result of the charges in your specific case.

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Utah DUI Laws FAQ

See answers to the questions our DUI attorneys get asked the most. Such as:

  • What is impaired driving?
  • The police didn’t read me my rights.
  • Did the peace officer legally stop my vehicle?
  • Was I legally detained?
  • Was I legally arrested?
  • What are the Field Sobriety Tests?
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DUI Case Briefs and Legal Articles

Browse articles written by our DUI Attorneys about recent DUI case law and legal developments. Many of our legal articles expand on topics addressed in the FAQ, such as Miranda Rights and Impaired Driving.

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Utah State Code & DUI Laws

The State of Utah’s Code sections about DUI laws in one place. These are the actual legislative codes enacted by the State, including both criminal and administrative law relating to DUI.

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